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Published: 09th June 2008
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Starting your own radio station is a great way to have creative control over what you want to broadcast. While you may have a great idea to start a FM radio station but you are unsure how to establish your radio station, there is certainly professional help and advice available. If you are serious about wanting to get your content on air, experience is not essential! What is required is your determination and dedication to your radio concept.

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested to start a FM radio station. In a number of smaller communities it may be because they have no local radio for informing the community. A number of other community groups wish to create a community based radio station that may be educational, religion based or a station for ethnic groups. Another reason that you may want to establish a radio station in your area is to provide an alternative listening format that is not presently covered. What ever your reason for wanting to establish a radio station, a professional in the radio industry can assist you in turning your ideas into a functioning radio station.

At the outset of the process to start a FM radio station, there are a number of aspects that you may have to consider. In the first instance, you need to decide what you want out of your radio station. For example, one the first decisions you will have to make is how far you would like to broadcast? The area that you wish to reach is usually determined by your budget. An expert in the industry will be able to assist you with deciding on your broadcasting distance.

Deciding on the format that you use for your radio is also an important step in establishing your radio station. There are three main formats that you can use and each has positives and benefits. This includes a FM station, a Low Power FM station and a radio station that broadcasts on the Internet. While it can be difficult to decide what is going to be the best option for you, there is help and assistance available that can provide you with the best information to help you start a FM radio station.

If a FM station or Low Power FM station is the format that best suits your radio station, you will need to go through the process of obtaining a radio frequency. Once you have all this in place and have brought the relevant equipment required such as a Transmitter, computer system and mixing board and you have an understanding of the radio industry, then you are ready to run your own radio station.

If you have had no experience in establishing and running your radio station, then I would suggest that you gain the right advice. This will save you time and more importantly money! An expert in the industry will also be able to give you valuable advice from their experience of operating their own radio stations and assisting others to start a FM radio station.

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